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( ´ ` )ノ タダイマァ


o! I’m back again to my LJ . It’s been a week desu ne…. ah, I’m still confused what topic will I write down here.

I’m really really in bad mood now. Yeah. It’s because TEGO and KEN HIRAI.

Tego’s hair is so suck, Ken Hirai is even suck too.

You can see the new Tego's haircut  in  misoyo </a>
Why Tego changed his hair into gold? *HEEE??? GOLD?
Yes. He turned into goldy TEGO!! Please Tego, go to the another salon and changed your haircut again! I missed black-haired Tego-nyan (;_・)

(,,#Д):;',;`:ゴルァ!! Aaarrgh!!!!!! I saw Ken Hirai’s PV ( fake star ) yesterday and it made me angry!!!!!! I’m so MAD to him!!!!!!!

How dare you!  You de cheating! LET's BREAK UP!!!!!  *LOL* *just kidding*.

Here's the PV

Yappari, I won’t put the caps here, cause it’ll make me more more more and more sad….
To Be honest, I prefer Ken Hirai’s PV Pop Star than this.
It made me more cheerful.


Credits : jpopsuki, In: active’s blog

PS : For everyone, Don’t be shock! And If you don’t like it or getting mad, you’d better delete it from your Computer.