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sea of love ~Tesshi~


Hi!!! I'm back again! Hohoho~
I just finished upload these magz_scans. Enjoy!

Hey~ YamaP is so kawaii when he was a boy! He was very pretty, cute.... auw !!!
The best 3, I guess :
   1. YamaP
   2. Koyama
   3. Shige
Ooh...they're so kawaii *nosebleeded*
And the other....
Ryo : He isn't cute in this magz. I have his pictures when he was a child, and they're more cute than this.
Tego : Woow.... So that's your photo when you were a baby huh? Rather cute.
Massu : So chubby!!!
Credits : Vendy blog & J-web
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For me, Tegoshi's mother really wanted to have a baby-girl XD and therefore she has made to grow Tegoshi like a girl o_O

Aaah, New Tegoshi's hair, is so sucks o_o I don't like him with blonde hair o_o
Hahaha XXDDD But we have to thanked to her mother, because she has made Tego to be very cute and makes women speechless.
Btw hikaru is very cute and sexy... ( >_< )
I looooovvvveeee him... But...tego is still my #1.
Hehehe.... LOL
Honestly I don't like Tegoshi so much, I prefer his voice rather than his person XDD

eeeh!I know too much better that Hikaru is cute XD he is my #1 forever XDD
u_u so Better in that way xD