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sea of love ~Tesshi~


Konni \ ( ^ v ^ ) / Love_lemon no Risu desu!

Sa, finally the test is over *YATTA~*. Uuh…I’m so nervous and so curious for the result. The test wasn’t very difficult, but just Math and Javanese * not JAPANESE * were the most difficult.

Nee, this is one from Javanese’s, if you can answer it, you are SAIKO!!!

#22. Mula kudhu padha ngudi amrih bisa lan tekan sadyanira. Ukara punika kajeng....

a. Amrih saged kadumugen gegayuhanipun kedah purih mbudidaya.

b. Kita kedah mbudidaya gegayuhan ingkang sampun kecepeng

c. Pambudidaya punika boten saged damel gegayuhan kaleksanan

d. Sampun ngatos ngudi kacepenging gegayuhan.

Darou~?? As I told you, it’s SO DIFFICULT desu ne??? I used my feeling to answer it ( ^_^; )




LOL. My sis always sat in front of Computer and Downloaded so many good things. And it made me curious. But I can enjoy them now ( >_> ).

Koyama was so crazy and funny XDDDD. I wonder if I am his GF now…Will I happy and laugh every day???

And what about this pic? What did Pi do with his ?????????? He put his hand in his pants *KYA~* >////<


Na~, finally I can open my treasures again!!!!

Oh…I opened my folder [ Ya3 ] and saw my Hikka’s and Taiyou!!! They smiled and welcomed me back!!!!

Uun…I got those from HappyTown, not too sure It’s allowed or not.

I think these are Papa pic, how do u think?

And, do you know where’s their school? I want to go to their school,Taiyou and Hikka wore the same uniform
( ^ ______ ^ )

Taiyou~~~ o////o
Does anyone know the latest news about Taiyou and Shoon???
I REALLY want to know about them.

Ja, Mata ne~


Hello! It's nice that you're back! And those Taiyo & Hikaru Horikoshi stolen pics. ;)
Hi again!
Horikoshi...etto...is that name of their school??
Ah, gomen na~ I know nothing...
Can you tell me what's horikoshi :p
A~ I'm so stupid
Yes, that's where they are studying. Horikoshi is a school where Yamapi also studied. Taiyo and Hikaru are classmates there, and Taiyo is the class president. :)

A~ I'm so stupid
Don't say that. ;)
I know it! I know YamaP studied there, but why I can forget about that? :p
So Taiyou and Hikaru are classmates? That's good... And Taiyou is the class president? I can't imagine that!!!
Where do you know that?
I encountered that fact in one of their magazine interviews. Taiyo was given the responsibility and he said he sometimes quarrel with Hikaru because he always turns off the lights. XD
According to this page, Taiyou and Shoon are going to appear in December or January magazines, let's hope they do ^^

About the question, this is the first time I've seen something written in Javanese, so I randomly say c) xD
Glad to hear that! Can't wait to see them again! But, I want Ya3 comeback again...
4 in 1.

About your answer:
Hehehehe....I've already known the answer... The answer is A.
Don't ask me the meaning...cuz I don't know.
Wanna learn Javanese? *LOL. kidding*
Welcome back Risu... they look real sleepy on those pictures! XD And Pi... whaaa, you have no manners in front of the cams! ;D
Yo Carla~ Ohisa ( ^_^)/

Yes I am! xDD
Actually, my sis knew it first, then we screamed *fangirling mode on* together.
~♪Baka nante ~ atashitachi sa ♪♪ *change the lyric*
Do you know that song? Ai nante, right?
Such a good song...
Beautiful song! XD